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_on K-RD

19 Feb 2021 - 13 Mar 2021

We walk into human-made spider webs. The spider webs are exaggerated and modified from its natural size and form. We mingle with it. We can walk, rest, chat and eat freely around it ignoring its existence.

Humans are members of the ecological community on our planet, as are
any other living organism. Unconsciously or consciously and intentionally
or unintentionally, we break the balance and disturb our ecological system
causing a global issue. Our complex society and relationships have balance
and tension like the form of the spider web. My ongoing installation project Aliveness_Symbiosis represents that we live in our place without noticing that we are sharing our nature and living together with numerous cohabitants.

Aliveness_Symbiosis_on K-rd is a site-specific installation in the RM gallery
which is located on Karangahape Road. Space M by the window is a transitional moment linking from my first installation of‘ Aliveness_Symbiosis’

at Karekare in 2020. A bunch of tangled thread and natural objects on the
floor are parts of that installation. With full sunshine through the window,
Space M evokes a feeling of nature even in the office type of space. It seems the space is located in between soft nature and modified urban nature. One tiny line crawls out from the bunch of thread and expands into the whole space, emerging into a natural character. In Space R, the spider webs are created with selected materials and colours with the vibe of K-rd from my perspective. The vertical shape of an urban object is standing against the horizontal shape of spider webs. Various fluorescent lights imply the vibrant atmosphere and mixed culture of generations, ethnicity, gender and class on K-rd utilising diverse kinds of cords.

Just like the residency in Karekare, Auckland entered a lockdown as this installation was in progress. Without the normal atmosphere of Karangahape Road, there was a silence to make and think which strongly influenced the final outcomes of this project.

01_Spider webs.jpg

Spider Webs

The School Track in Paihia, Bay of Islands

2020 Photo by Sena Park

Aliveness_Symbiosis_on K-RD 2021 Installation at RM

Edit by Sena Park/ Still photography by Scott Cai

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