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Traces and Deformity 



Collaborated Installation


Title        “Traces and Deformity”

Year        2022

Size         Installation, dimensions variable

Medium  Mixed media with disassembled wasted bicycle

Participated Artists

- Sena Park, Angela Hu, Giulio Laura, Mongoose Chen

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Black Lava Ring_02_08.jpg
Necklace_Rubber weaving_01.jpg

Living There Being Here, Living Here Being There

Sena Park 2015
Sena Park 2015


Installation collaborated with Students from the Dance Studies Programme at the University of Auckland


Title        “Intertwined”

Year        2015

Size         Installation, dimensions variable

Medium  Steel rod, rope, shackle, eyebolt, colour spray


From birth, one naturally adopts basic language and thought. However, in a new place, we learn as if an infant once more. From that moment everything appears to reset and restart. But one does not become fully reborn. Fragments from that once learnt remains and living is a life between the previous incarnation and the present. Tangled together; they cannot be disconnected because all is connected. They are interlinked, interlocked and 'interlived'.


As Curator Hou Hanru wrote, "'To be here' or 'To live here', provides the most basic but inevitable start for all our imaginations and artistic actions."

However, for artists from abroad, the notion of 'here' is suspended across multiple times and spaces.

Exploring ideas around distant-yet-connected places, cultures and identities, the exhibition proposes that perhaps a 'far away there' is a 'globally here'.

This exhibition will feature works from the gruop 'Let’s Talk Art’': Nim Flora Chan, Kit Keung, Jeong Ryeong Kim, Dasul Lee, Sena Park.

Students from the Dance Studies Programme at the University of Auckland are also involved. Six dancers will take part in 20-minute performances on the Saturday evening during the Lantern Festival in response to the exhibition. The dance works will be interactive, responsive to the audience and designed to complement the ideas present in the art.

Sena Park 2015
Sena Park 2015
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